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The period and procedure of UPA registration has been revised.
17-05-08 06:32
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The ACKOC has planned the Undergraduate Presentation Award to stir up desire of undergraduate college students to study kinesiology, and give a chance to present their research results in front of an audience.

Types of Abstracts will be classified to two kinds of research: Part 1 will contain descriptive or experimental research, and Part 2 will be creative or case studies. Only English oral presentation type is permitted in this competition. Presentation time is 10 minutes including 2 minutes of Q/A.

The period and procedure of UPA registration has been revised.

The undergraduate college students who want to apply to the UPA can register online through the event registration section of this website from September 1 to November 10. The abstract for presentation has to be submitted through the abstract submission section of this website until November 10, 2017.

To participate in the UPA, first (primary) author of abstract should complete the online registration for ACK2017 and the payment of ACK2017 registration fee($78). We provide UPA applicants with discounted fee for ACK2017 registration, regardless of period and country.

The evaluation of the presentations will be conducted by the examiners for UPA that the ACKOC assigns. The winner of the 1st place who receives the highest score in Part 1 will take a cash prize of 300 dollars and the prize money of 250 and 200 dollars will be given each to winners of 2nd and 3rd places in UPA. The prize money for Part 2 is 250 dollars for 1st place, 200 dollars for 2nd place, and 150 dollars for 3rd place. If the number of applicants is under five in each part of UPA, ACKOC may decrease the number of winners and amount of cash prizes.