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Abstract Submission and Registration after Early Bird Registration for ACK2017
17-08-02 13:44
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Dear Members of Asian Society of Kinesiology and participants in ACK2017,


We appreciate your support and participation for Asia Conference on Kinesiology (ACK).


The early bird registration of the 8th Asia Conference on Kinesiology, 2017 (ACK2017) has ended on July 30th, 2017.

But abstract submission and registration for ACK2017 will continue until the dates designated by ACK Organizing Committee (ACKOC).

For the success of ACK2017, ACKOC announced that the deadline of abstract submission will be delayed until September 30th, 2017, and registration fees for ACK2017 are applied differently according to the period of registration:

* http://www.askannualmeeting.org/sub03/sub03_01.php


We would like to ask you to disseminate this notification to your friends, colleagues, and students.

Everything goes well with you.


Sincerely Yours,


Ki Jin Kim, Ph.D., Kinesiologist

Chair, 2017 Asia Conference on Kinesiology Organizing Committee


Jung Sok Oak, Ph.D., Kinesiologist

President, Asian Society of Kinesiology