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Welcome message from the Conference Chair

On behalf of the organization committee, I am delighted to welcome all the delegates and future participants to Incheon, Korea, for the 7th Asia Conference on Kinesiology (ACK) 2016 that will take place from November 11 to 14, 2016. During the conference, establishment of the Asian Society of Kinesiology (ASK) is expected to be announced, and the 17th Global Korean/Asian Kinesiologists’ Annual Meeting will concurrently take place.

The establishment of Asian Society of Kinesiology has been long awaited assignment among the kinesiologists in Asia. such desire had been realized through several Northeast Asia Conference of Kinesiology (NACK) events. Finally, the establishment of ASK, and the plans for the Asia Conference on Kinesiology in 2016 were determined during the NACK 2015 at Chiba, Japan. I am delighted to observe the fruition of these efforts, and thankful for the members of the Northeast Asia conference of Kinesiology and other delegates from all over the Asia.

Under the conference theme of 'Asian Health through Kinesiology’, this is one of the most significant annual events devoted to the science and practice of Kinesiology in Asia, and it will give participants a platform to exchange ideas, discover novel opportunities, reacquaint with colleagues, meet new friends, and broaden their knowledge. The conference will be held at the Incheon National University, which is a newly developed facility near the beautiful seaside in Songdo area.

We, the Asia Conference on Kinesiology organization Committee, ACKOC, are doing our best to promote the international network, and to develop a variety of programs for the success of the conference in collaboration with the Preparatory Committee for Foundation of Asia Society of Kinesiology, PCFASK.
I would deeply appreciate the participation and cooperation of kinesiologists in the world for this monumental event. I can assure your superb conference experience.

Thank you.

President, Asian Society of Kinesiology, ASK
Chairperson, Asia Conference on Kinesiology organizing Committee, ACKOC