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The establishment of the Asian Society of Kinesiology (ASK) was determined during the Northeast Asia Conference on Kinesiology (NACK) 2015 at Chiba, Japan. The first meeting for promoting the foundation of the ASK was held on July 17, 2015 in Chiba, Japan and the Preparatory Committee for the Foundation Asian Society of Kinesiology (PCFASK) was organized. The Declaration for Promoting the Foundation of Asian Society of Kinesiology was prepared by the committee In Chiba, Japan on July 18, 2015 and it was declared at the closing ceremony of 2015 NACK on July 19, 2015.

The second meeting of the PCFASK was held on February 17 and 18, 2016 in Burapha University, Thailand. In the meeting, ten members of the PCFASK participated and discussed topics including the preparation for the ACK 2016, the articles of the ASK, the official journal of the ASK, the ‘KINESIOLOGIST’ Qualification (“CKQ”) system, and etc.

The Mission Statement of the ASK

The PCFASK believes that human movement is essential for human survival and quality of life. We would like to share this belief with everyone in the field of science, education, sociology, and philosophy.
There has been a significant advancement in the knowledge of the kinesiology resulting from diverse scientific efforts in the areas of exercise science, sports, and health. In the future, the academic domain of human movement is expected to expand beyond the traditional horizon of health related areas, and to cover leisure, culture, art, and various problems in the modern society. Therefore, it is imperative that kinesiologists extend the scope of their study and prepare their vocational prospect to accommodate such changes.
Realizing such environmental changes, we’ve declared to promote the foundation of the ASK.
The aim of the Asian Society of Kinesiology (ASK) is to provide opportunities for an in-depth exchange of information, experience and expertise among kinesiologists, and to discuss advanced education programs and appropriate certification systems.

The ASK codes of conduct are as followed (based on the agreements made from the Chiba meeting, 2015).

  • - Research and develop the specialty of kinesiology
  • - Spread the information of kinesiology by workshops, conferences, and academic journals.
  • - Provide policies for public participation in physical activities.
  • - Discuss advanced education programs and appropriate certification systems to improve professionalism, employment environment, and social & economic status of related personnel.

The Vision of the ASK

The aim of the ASK is to provide continuous opportunities for in-depth discussions and sharing of knowledge, experiences and expertise within the kinesiology community. Also, this is to encourage the development of advanced education programs and the certification systems within Asian countries in which the word ‘human movement’ has been used. Human movement is essential for human survival and the quality of life. Thus, the importance of kinesiology and the role of kinesiologists will be more highlighted in the future. We will study and research the field of kinesiology to strengthen and cultivate the specialty and professionalism of kinesiology within Asia via the ASK, with the desire that the importance of kinesiologists will be more widely acknowledged internationally as experts in the field of human movement. Also, we are going to benchmark and integrate various certification programs in the world such as NATA, NSCA, and ACSM in the USA and develop an updated qualification system to cultivate future Asian kinesiologists. We believe that our students, who will have their ability verified by the new type of qualification developed by the ASK, will become more successful in the job market which will keep expanding in Asia. Accordingly, a kinesiologist will play an important role in the future with a certain level of socio-economic status in various fields including health care, education, sports science, and etc. With this anticipation, the ASK carry out various tasks under the committees below:

  • - The editorial board for the official journal of the ASK
  • - The council of the ‘KINESIOLOGIST’ qualification
  • - The committee of sports medicine
  • - The task-force of kinesiology convergence

  • The Members of the PCFASK