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Instructions for Abstracts Submission

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should present new research or new information on kinesiology. The Scientific Program Committee and external reviewers will review and evaluate the submitted abstracts. The important criteria for evaluation are their scientific significance, timeliness of the subject, quality of data and methodology, adherence to the society’s format requirements, and other criteria described herein.

Primary Information

  • * Deadlines for abstract submission:

    - (First submission) May 1 - July 31, 2016
    - Second submission: August 1 - August 14, 2016
    The deadline for abstract submission is extended to August 14, 2016. The abstract you submitted online can be edited until August 31, 2016. However, you should not change the title and keywords of the abstract.

  • * Processes for the Abstract
  • 1) The primary authors and speakers should complete registration for the 7th Asia Conference on Kinesiology 2016.

  • Instructions for Abstract Submission

    • * It is mandatory for speakers to submit abstracts online.
    • * Enter all required information including the names of the authors and affiliations in the space provided.
    • * Select your presentation type (oral or poster).
    • * Choose the abstract’s category from the established list of the ACK themes.
    • * The abstract title should be concise and clearly convey the subject of the abstract.
    • * The length of the abstract is limited to maximum 2,000 characters, including spaces.
    • * The abstract should consist of the purpose, methods, results, discussion and the ethical consideration of the research.However, due to the characteristic of your research, if your abstract consists of different components, replace the given format with the components.
    • * Three keywords are required and up to five keywords are allowed.
    • * Figures and tables are not included.
    • * It is assumed that the authors will submit novel scientific materials for the presentation. Previously published or presented materials will be rejected.
    • * In case there is a problem with the online registration, we also accept the abstract submission via e-mail. kinesiologyglobal@gmail.com
    • * Please e-mail us the information including your presentation type (oral or poster), the category, title, and basic components of the abstract, and the purpose, methods, results, discussion, and keywords of the research. The total number of characters allowed in the abstract is 2,000.

    Theme: Asian Health through Kinesiology

    Abstract Categories:

    • * Health/Fitness
    • * Education and Culture
    • * Clinical/Rehabilitation
    • * Sport and Human Performance
    • * Policy and Social Support
    • * Fusion and Convergence related to Kinesiology
    • * Other fields of interest

    Notification of Abstract Disposition

    After submission, the author and co-authors will be able to check the progress of evaluation. The notification method will be selected during the on-line submission.

    Common Reasons for Abstract Rejection

    • -Primary authors and speakers are not registered for the conference.
    • -The subject matter is not appropriate for the ACK.
    • -The information is not novel.
    • -The abstract is duplicated from other submissions.
    • -The abstract is poorly written in general.
    • -The background does not summarize the hypothesis.
    • -The methodology is inadequate or insufficient to support the conclusion.
    • -Controls are absent or inadequate.
    • -Statistical evaluation is inadequate or absent.
    • -The summary of essential results is inadequate or absent.
    • -Data is not included or offers inadequate/insufficient support for the conclusion.
    • -The abstract reports an unplanned analysis or incomplete or ongoing studies.