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Airport Transfers

※ Bus

1. Limousine Bus(KAL 6707B)

● Limousine bus riding positions: (4A / 10B) at Incheon International Airport
● Bus Routes
INCHEON AIRPORT - Grand Hyattyatt Incheon - Inha International Medical Center - Orakai Songdo Park - THE CENTRAL PARK HOTEL SONGDO - Holliday inn Hotel Incheon - Songdo Bridge(Incheon National University Station) - Oakwood Premier Incheon - Sheraton Incheon - Korea Coast Guard HQ
● Limousine Bus Schedule (down load)
● Incheon Airport to Incheon National University
If you want to go from Incheon Airport to Incheon National University, you should change the bus No.8 or 9 at Songdo Bridge.
[Incheon Airport -> Songdo Bridge (Here, transfer bus No.8 or 9) -> Incheon National University
● KAL Limousine Homepage (Click here) http://www.kallimousine.com/eng/guide01_en.htm

2. Express City Bus(303)

[Incheon Airport -> The # first World Bus Stop -> transfer bus no.8-> Incheon National University]

●Bus Routes
Incheon Airport - E mart - International Business Center - The Frau Apartment - Korea Coast Guard -Songdo The # first world


※ Subway

Incheon International Airport Station - Gyeyang Station[Airport Railroad -> Incheon line1] - Incheon National University station