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Chairman's Cup Tennis League

ACKOC Chairman’s Cup Tennis League

Participation Guide

A tennis league to commemorate the foundation of the Asia Conference of Kinesiology (ACK) 2016 and the Asian Society of Kinesiology (ASK) will be held. We are receiving applications for participation on our website, so please apply in established procedures if you want to take part in the league.

League Outline

* Period: 2016.11.11 (Fri) - 2016.11.12 (Sat)
* Venue: Incheon National University Tennis Court
* Registration period: 2016.7.4. (Mon) - 2016.8.26. (Fri)
* Application requirement: Advance registration of the ACK 2016
* Events: Single match and double match
* Fixture


-Double match: 2016.11.11. (Fri) Morning
-Single match: 2016.11.11. (Fri) Afternoon


-2016.11.12. (Sat) Double match and then single match

The detailed league table and rules will be notified individually to participants in October 2016 and the league table is subject to change after the registration procedure. In addition, if the number of participants is large, matches might be held in age groups.

How to Participate in the Tennis Match

Registration period: 2016. 07. 11 ~ 2016. 08. 05

○ To apply for the tennis match, please join as a member of the ACK 2016 website, log in, and make an advance registration online. You can participate in the match after paying the ACK 2016 entry fee.

○ You have to send separate entries for the single match and double match.
○ You can participate in both the single and double match.
○ To take part in the double match, both participants should make advance registration for the ACK 2016 and each participant should send an entry for the double match respectively.
○ All participants should send their personal information to the email address below to make a league table. If you are taking part in the double match, you must write down the name of your partner as well.
* E-mail address: kinesiologyglobal@gmail.com
* Personal information needed: name, affiliation (university or office), date of birth (YYYYMMDD), event (single match, double match, or both), name of your partner (for double match participants only)
○ You can confirm your application in the Special Event - Tennis Game Participation menu of this website one month after your application.

The Direct URL for the ACK 2016 Tennis Single Match Registration
The Direct URL for the ACK 2016 Tennis Double Match Registration